Why Use VPN?

In VPN Anywhere, our goal is to assist users in accessing online content like web browsing, downloading, preventing hackers from illegally access your data as well as avoiding ISP from monitoring your Internet activities. We currently stands at 450+ servers in 44 countries and we give you an acceptable Internet speed, privacy, security and access to your favourite content worldwide. We guarantee no logs of your Internet activities.
Why Use VPN

  • ¬†Guaranteed Internet Freedom

No Internet content will be censored or blocked under VPN Anywhere service. Your freedom is guaranteed and it is your rights to access any online content anytime and anywhere. We will ensure you can enjoy a greater experience in accessing online content without any restriction.

  • ¬†Internet Security & Privacy

We prevent hackers and third party snoops from viewing your personal communications, information and data. VPN Anywhere is using a secure VPN tunnel with 256 bits data encryption to prevent identity theft. You are also protected from hackers when using public Wi-Fi hotspot as all your data is securely tunnel to the VPN server with strong encryption algorithm. Our VPN service bypass local ISP from using deep packet inspection to monitor your internet usage. No one can spies your Internet activities. Get connected to VPN Anywhere and Surf anonymously with your identity protected.

  • ¬†Greater User Experience

We provide greater experience in term of speed and simplicity. No high technical experience is required before using our VPN service and no additional software is needed to setup the VPN connection.